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Last Updated 1/18/2022

Thank you for checking our volunteer sign up page. Volunteer Signup is now available for our February 5th-6th Tournament weekend. We count on our volunteers to help make our season and events a success. We ask parents that are not coaching or on the board to volunteer one work shift at our tournament and league events. If you are not coaching or a board member you will receive an email when the online signup schedule is available.  

If you have any questions, please contact Tony Pierret.


Volunteer Position Descriptions

Score Table - Run the clock and scoreboard as well as keep track of player fouls and team points to record game final score. 

Clean Up Crew - Clean gym, put chairs and tables away sweep floors and help clean up the concessions.

Concessions - We have concessions located at all three venues. Help serve players and spectators refreshments.

Gym Monitor - Be present in the gym as a SPYBA representative to keep fans  off the courts between games and offer assistance where needed.  

Hall Monitor - Be present in the gym as a SPYBA representative to keep hallways safe, clean and offer assistance where needed.