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General Tournament Rules


1. Games will consist of : a. Two (2) 14 minute periods for 7th-8th grade divisions. (Saturday) b. Two (2) 18 minute running time periods for 5th/6th grade divisions (stop time last 1 min of each period.) (Sunday)

2. “Mercy Rule” - all games will become “RUNNING TIME” if a team leads by 20 or more in 2nd period.

3. Halftimes will be three (3) minutes.

4. If necessary, there will be a two (2) minute overtime. If game remains tied, the 2nd overtime will be “Sudden Death”. First team to score will be winner.

5. Two (2) time-outs per team, per half. Teams will be granted one (1) time out for overtime periods. No carryover for timeouts.

6. DEFENSIVE RULES: a. 7th and 8th grade my play ANY type of defense. There will be no pressing if a team leads by 15 or more points. b. 5th and 6th grade may play only “man to man” defense. Double-teaming between mid court and the 3 point arc area is not allowed. No zones or zone presses are allowed. This will be referees interpretation. c. 5th and 6th grade teams may man to man press the last two minutes of each period. No double teaming/trapping. However, if team leads by 15 points or more, no press will be allowed.

7. All decisions by game/tournament officials are FINAL.

8. Technical fouls will be assessed 2 points to opponent, and possession of the ball. Any player/coach receiving MORE THAN ONE technical foul will be immediately disqualified from further tournament participation, and may be required to leave tournament facilities. (officials discretion).

9. Technical fouls can and will be assessed to spectators for unsportsmanlike behavior towards officials and/or participants. If assessed, the individual(s) will be requested to leave facilities immediately.

10. Coaching will be done only by designated coaches from the bench area. There is NO COACHING allowed by anyone from the baseline or areas behind benches/along sidelines. Encouragement by parents/spectator s is welcomed.

11. No protests will be allowed.

12. 3 point shots – will be counted as such providing the floor contains a 3-point arch. Officials decisions are final

13. “Double Bonus” – following the 10th team foul, all fouls will award fouled player 2 foul shots.

14. After 7th team foul, a 1 and 1 will be shot.

Other Information

1. Weather Announcements: should weather interfere with scheduled tournament, all announcements will be made via our website:

2. Ball: An intermediate (28.5”) sized ball will be used for all divisions other than 7th and 8th grade boys. 7th/8th boys will use a full size (29.5”) ball.

3. Teams will supply their own warm up basketballs, and should have one game ball per team. Official will choose game ball.

4. Tournament Headquarters will be Lund Center – Gustavus Adolphus College. There will be tournament officials at St. Peter Community Center.

5. Awards/Medals: a. For all eight (8) team brackets, up to 13 individual medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th place.

6. Please check with tournament headquarters for any changes, announcements, or if you need any information. Tournament officials will be located at each facility and will be identifiable by their blue and white St. Peter Basketball Association shirts.

7. Please keep all possessions with you. We are not responsible for lost/stolen items. There will be lost/found areas at the registration desk at each facility. If something is lost, please check with an official to see if anything has been turned in.

8. Changing rooms will be available at Gustavus. However, no showers will be available.

9. Changing rooms with showers will be available at St. Peter Community Center.

10. Only participating players will be allowed on game floor areas. No one other than the teams currently playing will be allowed on courts during time-outs, between periods or between games. This will be enforced by game officials, tournament officials, or assigned gym captains.

11. Please have your teams ready to play/warm up 15 minutes before your scheduled game time. Games are scheduled on the hour and we may begin the next game without warm-up time if we get behind schedule. Be ready to play after the game before you.

12. We will provide athletic trainers for our game sights to help with any injuries.

13. Concessions will be provided at the Community Center and Gustavus. We please ask that you do not bring your own food and your own beverages as our money is made in the concessions areas. Thank you for understanding.